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THREE New DVDs for Halloween!

Samantha Rone, dressed as a naughty fairy, surprises Ray with a Halloween treat! She is dressed for the party as a very famous magical fairy. He gives her shaved pussy a pounding and she goes back for more, taking two

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Cali’s ‘Pre-Audition’ is now LIVE

Today I had the pleasure of posting Cali’s very first ‘Pre-Audition’ video. This was shot the first night she swung by my office. I was immediately taken by Cali’s big, beautiful green eyes and her amazing tits. Cali also has a huge

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Shooting Cali Hayes

Today I shot the adorable Cali Hayes and it was awesome. Not only is Cali beautiful, but she is also sweet and patient and generally wonderful to be around. Cali also looks great on camera and gives amazing head —

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Cali Does Her First On-Camera Swallow

An adorable new girl named Cali Hayes came by tonight. Cali is the type of sweet midwestern girl that everyone falls in love with after meeting her for about 10 minutes. Plus she has INSANELY beautiful boobs and a gorgeous

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