Playing with petite Jasmine

A brand new little cutie came by today.  Her name is Jasime and she is a super-sweet 4’10” spinner from a tiny town in Northern California.

For you guys who like petite girls, they don’t get much smaller than this!

Back home, Jasmine goes to a private catholic college — Hence her uniform.

Jasmine says everyone back there is either stoned or horny 24/7.  Care to guess which category she falls into?

Here’s a hint — Jasmine loves to give head.  I couldn’t believe how wet & sticky she got while she sucked me!

I knew then that if we didn’t bang, it would have been a crime against nature.

So we banged.

We banged hard and it was excellent.

Then we went to Subway, and that too, was excellent.

Jasmine is so awesome!  Look for her soon at

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