Editing Mika’s First Video Ever

Today was spent editing videos of various ladies for our next round of Pre-Auditions. I have sat in front of this computer for about 20 hours now and have compiled a nice collection for you to enjoy.

One of the girls I had some video of was my beautiful friend Kira Sinn, aka ‘Mika’. This was the first video I ever shot of her. Not only is Kira gorgeous and fun to bang but she is also a generally awesome person. Kira makes me feel like I’m in high school again because she possesses the rare ability to get me off with her incredible blowjob skills alone. Seriously, Kira is from another world! Or she just really really understands my penis.

Anyway, if you aren’t already a member of Amateur Allure, I recommend signing up now. If you are already with us, stick around. We have some great new videos on the way!

Here is Mika sizing up her prey.


Look at that adorable face. Did I mention that Kira also uses lasers to completely remove her pubic hair? For this reason alone you should follow Kira Sinn on Twitter!


Here’s a cool little video experiment I made using Vine & Viddy. Short but sweet.


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