Fun Day On Set with Alina

We’ve all read the news that China’s banks could trigger a global meltdown. Well, meet adorable 19 year old Alina — a young banking intern who has come to the U.S. to learn the ins-and-outs of how we do things here, and presumably to take that info home and somehow use it to destroy us. But in the meantime, Alina’s just a horny teenage girl!  And she needs to pay her bills. Apparently being an intern at one of the largest U.S banks doesn’t exactly cover the rent.

Every once in a while a new girl comes along and you just know she’s destined for greatness. Today was one of those days. Alina is so fucking cute and she absolutely LOVES sex! I think she may eventually drop the banking world and stick to what she does best.  That would be sucking cock, fucking, and swallowing cum.  In that order.  Twice.

I had a fun time with Alina and I know you’re going to love watching her be a very bad girl. Look for her video soon on

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